Model TWC Hog and Sow Toe Web Cutter

  • Non-Clogging System
  • Removes Hair & Glands Completely
  • Safety Guard
  • Table Mounted Unit Available
  • 90 PSI Air
  • USDA Approved
  • U.S. Patent
  • Designed for Hogs and Sows


An Ergonomic Machine for Cutting and Removing A Kerf

The TOE WEB CUTTER removes an oblong slice from the web of a pig’s front foot. This sliced kerf removes glands and hair cleanly and uniformly, resulting in a consistent product.

As the top blade slices through the web, the kerf is pushed through the bottom blades and falls to the floor.

Model TWC comes with a spring-balancer for suspension, and with an ergonomically designed pistol grip for one-hand operation…the second hand positions the pig’s foot. A second handle is optional, for left-handed operation.

This model comes with safety guards, air regulator with lubricator and gauge, and 8-foot air hose. the pneumatic machine requires 90 PSI air.