Poultry Vent Cutter

For almost 55 years, VAC AIR has been providing the world’s finest of quality Poultry Vent Cutters and supplies. Following the DIY trend of the nation, we too adjusted and introduced the home processor with all of the necessary tools of the trade!

We supply the novice as well as the prestige home processor with the supplies and products that are used by the most trusted and experienced professionals in the world! We assure you only the best results comes from a VAC AIR poultry processing machine.

International Poultry Processing Equipment | Poultry Vent Cutter

One of the largest benefits of VAC AIR is that is doesn’t matter if you live five minutes from town, or halfway across the globe. We can ship any poultry vent cutter / any other product that you need to you – no problem at all.

Processing your own poultry can be an interesting experience to tackle on your own, so it only makes sense to go with the most trusted equipment and VAC AIR has been your trusted partner to ship you the latest and greatest in poultry processing and Poultry Vent Cutters.

Trust VAC AIR to be your partner when it comes to the most respected, recommended, modern, and professional grade equipment!

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